Vodafone launches compact broadband dongle

Vodafone 3G Dongle

Mobile network Vodafone has unveiled the latest USB mobile broadband dongle to join its range.

Called the USB Modem Stick Pro, the 7.2Mb/sec dongle features a retractable USB connector rather than a slide-on end cap and has a 4GB microSD flash card pre-installed, allowing it to be used as a USB flash drive as well as a modem at the same time.

In an unusual and welcome move, Vodafone pointed out that the 7.2Mb/sec service is a theoretical maximum download rate, and that in reality, most users will experience between 1-5Mb/sec in day-to-day use.

The network is joining the likes of T-Mobile and 3 by offering discounts on its mobile broadband service, knocking 5 a month of its 3GB service - reducing the price from 15 to 10 - for the first three months of a two-year contract. Its 25 a month 5GB service will be reduced to 15 for the first three months on the same terms.

A new non-contract monthly price plan for low-traffic users was also announced. The 1GB a month plan has just a 30-day commitment and costs 15 a month, compared to 20 a month for the existing 3GB-a-month, 30-day plan.