Amazon connects cloud services

Amazon Web Services is set to offer a pay-as-you-go system for delivering content over the cloud.

CloudFront will let businesses distribute content over a network of edge locations for low latency and high transfer speeds ideal for web-firms delivering photos, video and applications.

The service works alongside Amazon's other web services, such as Amazon S3 meaning businesses can store their content on that service and deliver it using CloudFront.

Adam Selipsky, vice president of product management for Amazon Web Services, said in a statement: "Amazon CloudFront provides low latency, inexpensive content delivery and simple integration with Amazon S3 without complex sales negotiations or up-front commitments."

Capgemini has also announced it would be offering its customers Microsoft Sharepoint and Oracle ERP, as well as application development and testing using Amazon Web Services.

Paul Spence, head of outsourcing at Capgemini, said in a statement: "The benefits of the Capgemini Cloud capability will be particularly relevant in today's economic climate and we want our clients to be able to take advantage of early providers such as Amazon Web Services".