Cellcrypt brings call encryption to Windows Mobile


Cellcrypt, a UK-based voice security solution provider, has announced that is has brought voice encryption technology to Windows Mobile smartphones for the first time.

Cellcrypt Mobile 4.0 adds support for phones based on Windows Mobile, in addition to existing support for Nokia smartphones. Seven HTC branded Windows Mobile devices are currently supported for European users and one for US based users.

The technology enables users to protect their voice conversations where sensitive business information is being discussed from unauthorised listeners.

"It is common for organisations and individuals to protect their valuable computer data using encryption technologies; but, by and large, sensitive voice conversations are only lightly protected and vulnerable to eavesdropping," said Laurie Monroy, a product manager at Cellcrypt.

"Our research says that up to 72 per cent of companies are moving to VoIP and the risks are getting higher for interception," said Cellcrypt's Andy Churney told IT PRO.

The company said that Cellcrypt 4.0 represents a radical change in the way sensitive conversations are protected with the encryption, conforming to FIPS 140-2 standard, as issued by the US based National Institute of Standards and Technology. This standard is currently being evaluated by the UK government.

It employs RSA 2048-bit and AES 256-bit encryption, without affecting call quality, according to the company.

The client software is downloaded and installed on the handsets, and uses VoIP technology to route a low latency call over the internet via a Cellcrypt switch, which can be publicly or privately hosted.. Both handsets must have the software installed. The system works across both GPRS and 3G networks as well as Wi-Fi.

"Users sign up for the service, receive an SMS and off they go. Users can keep their existing phone number and use the same contact address book. We have tried to make it as easy to use as possible," said Monroy.

An annual licence is 695, but costs decrease as multiple handsets are used.

"Use of Cellcrypt Mobile provides the confidence that phone calls, whether in the mobile or office environment, at home or overseas, within or between departments and with partners, suppliers and friends, are all protected end-to-end. The addition of Windows Mobile to Cellcrypt's list of supported operating systems allows customers far more flexibility in their choice of existing and new handsets," said Monroy.

Benny Har-Even

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