Week in Review: Apple confuses on security

Anti-virus security is a major part of IT, and Microsoft for all its sins has made big steps in trying to make its platform as safe as it possibly can be given the number of users.

But this week, Apple updated a statement they've always had that anti-virus software was encouraged, but then pulled it after a bit of negative publicity - and then stated that it's not necessary because Macs are supposed to be ready "out of the box".

Many people don't feel anti-virus is necessary for Macs, with good reason - such as the problems coming from the anti-virus software outweighs the cost of actually getting infected. But others say Mac anti-virus is vital.

It's confusing, and with security at the heart of any operating system, and more so with Apple given its increasing market share necessary to get clear.

OK rant over - we did actually do some other stories this week.

Particularly interesting was the installation of a mobile service on the Glasgow underground system by O2.

It's pretty much agreed by the IT PRO team that this might be a good idea on paper, we don't want it anywhere near the Tube that we have in London. In rush hour, with a train packed full of commuters, the last thing we want to hear is somebody rabbiting away down their phone.

A better use of a handset is a new mobile mapping service which allows owners to track missing dogs using a combination of GPS, GSM and radio frequency technology.

Finally, Nokia revealed a rather snazzy successor to the N96. It's claimed the world's most advanced mobile computer' is the new N97.

It sounds like it's got a lot to recommend it, such as a 16:9 widescreen display and links to social networking sites... as well as some cool-sounding multiple A-GPS sensors and an electronic compass.

It just sounds incredibly cool that its possible to get lost in unmapped territory, and by whipping out your phone you may well have in your hands a life-saving tool...

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