Enterprise web use holds steady in Europe

The vast majority of European firms have a website and access to the internet, according to data testing firm Eurostat.

The percentage of enterprises with access to the internet was 93 per cent, the same average as 2007. However, four per cent more enterprises have broadband, bringing the average to 81 per cent. The UK average is even higher at 87 per cent.

In the UK, 27 per cent of enterprises advertise jobs and provide online job applications, one percent over the EU average, and 19 per cent, a large jump from the EU average of 10 per cent, offer online payment.

Having product catalogues or price lists available online is an area in need of improvement for the UK, with an average of 43 per cent compared to the EU 57 per cent. Online ordering, reservations or booking is just at the average with 25 per cent of all enterprises offering this online service.

Finland and the Netherlands are the top two countries that have access to the internet, with an average of 99 per cent. Finland, France and Spain enterprises have the highest access to broadband at 92 per cent each.