Mobile connections top four billion worldwide

There are now four billion mobile connections, according to the GSM Association (GSMA).

And some 100 million of those connections are delivering mobile broadband.

The GSMA predicts we'll hit six billion such connections by 2013. One reason behind the growth is the increasing number of devices with mobile connections. Netbooks, mobile dongles and other portable devices are all increasing the number of connections made to mobile networks.

Indeed, in Western Europe, about one in five connections are made by people with more than one device, a GSMA spokesperson told Reuters.

Another driver is emerging markets. GSMA noted that the world's 1.1 billion fixed broadband lines only reach one in six people, suggesting mobile broadband could have a big role to play getting more areas online.

"Mobile phones have evolved to become broadband-enabled multi-media devices that connect mass markets in mature and emerging markets alike." said Michael O'Hara, chief marketing officer of the GSMA, in a statement.

The GSMA's annual Mobile World Congress event kicks off next week in Barcelona IT PRO will be there, bringing you all the latest news.