IT not a stressful job?

Software engineers and systems analysts are two of the least stressful jobs out there, according to a new ranking.

American job search firm Careercast examined different roles based on criteria such as the number of deadlines faced, whether someone else's life was in danger, and dealing with the public.

While many working in IT might disagree, Careercast ranked computer systems analysts as the third least stressful job, behind actuaries and dieticians. Software engineering was ranked as the eighth least stressful job, coming in behind historians and mathematicians.

Careercast's publisher Tony Lee said that the jobs making the least stressful list are "all positions which offer comfortable work environments and don't require life or death decision-making."

"That isn't to say these jobs are completely stress-free, as for example astronomers face a tight job market and competition for academic funding, while software engineers deal with the pressure of completing work on time," he added.

The three most stressful jobs were surgeons, commercial airline pilots and photojournalists.

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