VMworld Europe 2009 roundup

Virtualisation was big news before the economy fell apart and the environment became a top issue. Now, as firms look to cut costs and increase their green credentials, the technlogy is moving out of "buzz word" territory and into IT departments as a serious component of any firm's infrastructure.

This week in Cannes, France, the virtualisation world is gathering for VMworld Europe 2009 the continental version of VMware's annual conference. While that firm remains the clear leader in the market, rivals like Microsoft are increasing the pressure and smaller firms are continuing to innovate.

IT PRO is on the ground in Cannes, bringing you all the news and opinions from the show. Bookmark this page and come back during the week for the latest updates, and for some background check out our coverage of last autumn's VMworld show held in Las Vegas.

VMworld Europe News

Time to Bring Your Own PC? - The future of client virtualisation and consumerisation of IT.

Novell and VMware team up on Linux - Linux moving into the virtualisation market.

VMware demos mobile virtualisation - New hypervisor could lead to two operating systems on one phone.

VMware continues virtual desktop push with Intel - Looks to 'thick clients' to host virtual machines.

VMware aims for software mainframe' with vSphere - The virtual data center OS gets a name...

Virtualisation fans warned on security - McAfee's Greg Day shares his concerns about virtualisation's risks.

EMC turns to flash for enterprise storage - EMC includes flash on its new Celerra lineup.

Microsoft confident against virtualisation rival VMware - Microsoft thinks "version one of the virtualisation story is over."

Citrix sets XenServer free - Citrix makes its XenServer software available for free.

VMworld Europe Video

What's next for virtualisation? - Dell, VMware, Citrix and Microsoft experts gaze into their crystal balls...

Cloud computing's dirty secret - VMware chief exec Paul Maritz on standards and interoperability.

Two operating systems on one phone - VMware shows off a prototype handset offering mobile virtualisation.

VMware and Intel explain virtual desktops - Intel and VMware explain how client virtualisation works.

VMworld Europe Blogs

VMworld by the numbers - The standout stats from the show.

A bit of everything on virtualised mobile phones - Mix-and-match for your perfect phone?

VMware's vSphere just marketing? - So just what is vSphere, anyway...

Virtualisation features

VMware CIO: We're way ahead of our competitors - Tayloe Stansbury explains why VMware is leading the pack.

What's happened to VMware? - We look at the challenges facing the golden virtualisation firm.

Storing the virtual world - Why iSCSI appliances look set to dominate this market.


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