Gary McKinnon supported by anti-terror law watchdog

Lord Carlile, the independent reviewer of anti-terror laws, has added his voice to the growing clamour for Gary McKinnon to be tried in the UK.

According to a letter seen by the Guardian, Carlile believes there's no reason for McKinnon not to stand trial in this country.

"There is no doubt that Mr McKinnon could be prosecuted in this country given that the acts of hacking occurred within our jurisdiction," he says in the letter.

He also joins a growing list of high-profile supporters including David Blunkett and Boris Johnson who believe his condition is a mitigating factor.

"Of especial importance is the opinion of Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, who describes the unusual and florid symptoms which place Mr McKinnon clearly within the category of Autism Spectrum Disorder, with potential injury to his health of a high order were he to be transferred to the US legal system," he said.

He suggests that the argument that such a transfer to the US jail system could infringe European human rights laws, is "plain and strong".

He adds: "I would hope that the US authorities would be prepared to accept that the English legal system is capable of dealing with the case in full."

McKinnon's case is currently under review by the director of public prosecutions, Keir Starmer, who will decide whether to push ahead and sentence him in this country.