O2 device to help families Joggle their lives

O2 has launched a touchscreen device called the Joggler, which it claimed will take the place of notes on the fridge door to help organise family lives.

The seven-inch touchscreen device connects wirelessly or via Ethernet cable to home broadband, meaning no SIM is required and therefore there's no additional monthly cost. It features a calendar to store appointments and deadlines, and will send text messages as reminders.

While the device can be used by anyone regardless of which network they're on, the Joggler will only sent info to O2 mobiles so Junior won't get the reminder if he's on Orange, T-Mobile or any other network. For O2 customers, their Joggler will be able to send 50 free text messages a month.

O2 customers can also sign up for the calender service to be used over their computer, without the Joggler device.

The device also offers weather, traffic and news updates, and can play video, games and music, although iTunes songs are not supported. It looks a bit like a digital photo frame, and can indeed be used as one, as it offers 1GB of storage. Joggler can also be used as a digital radio.

On top of all that high-tech ability, the Joggler can also be used as a calculator and alarm.

Alistair Johnston, marketing director for Telefnica O2 UK, said: "We've developed the O2 Joggler with today's busy families in mind. It has been purpose built to help families better organise their lives."

The oddly-named Joggler will be available from early April, for 149.99 or free for O2 customers if taken instead of a handset upgrade. Corporate customers will not be allowed to upgrade to the Joggler, so they'll have to pay out to get one.