Week in Review: Google Street View controversy

It has a big appeal to the nosy parkers and lazy natures of all of us. Google Street View has been a success around the world, and has finally hit the UK.

The IT PRO staff has already been experimenting with it, with much of the fun spotting what people are doing when the Google camera cars come speeding along to take pictures.

On a serious note though, there have been some major privacy concerns. Japan has banned it, the Lib Dems have raised questions, and Google has had to make it very plain that it was doing the best it could to safeguard privacy.

After quite a long absence of real iPhone news, Apple has forced its way back to the minds of tech users with the unveiling of new features in the iPhone 3.0 software that will come out in the summer.

Although the new features number nearly 100, and include the fabled cut and paste option that has been missing until now, observers were noting that other smart operating systems had included the new features years ago. And it still lacks Flash support.

There would have been a time when the release of a version of Internet Explorer would have been at the top of the Week in Review, but due to the success of other browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, the overriding feeling seems to be of "meh" rather than "wow!".

However there are some very interesting features in the new version, so judgement has to be delayed until we what see what the millions of internet users think.