Microsoft publishes list of unacceptable mobile apps

Microsoft Windows Marketplace for Mobile screengrab

Microsoft has released a list of the types of applications that it will not accept on its App Store-like Marketplace for Mobiles.

Large applications are banned and, perhaps unsurprisingly, so are applications that aim to tempt the user away to other competing services, media applications and websites.

"To protect the Windows Marketplace for Mobile service and users of the service, and to address mobile operator requirements, Microsoft prohibits the following types of applications in the Windows

Marketplace for Mobile," claimed Microsoft.

First on the list are applications that "distribute alternate marketplaces for content types (applications, games, themes etc.) that are sold or otherwise distributed through Windows Marketplace for Mobile.... And applications that link to, incent users to download, or otherwise promote alternate marketplaces for content types that are sold or otherwise distributed through Windows Marketplace for Mobile."

In order to keep customers firmly in the Microsoft fold, VoIP applications that enable services over a mobile operator network are a complete no no, as are any that, "sell, link to, or otherwise promote mobile voice plans."

The end user is catered for with protection from unacceptable advertising and any unapproved data sharing - including location and browsing information - while any app that sets out to change preferences including the default dialler, SMS interface, browser or media player will not be accepted in the marketplace. Large applications - Microsoft singled out any with an over the air installation file larger than 10MB - will also be shown the virtual door.

The full list of apps can be found here.