Google Street View to get on its trike

Google has revealed a secret weapon to drum up support for its Street View service - the Google Trike'.

The Google Trike, which Google refers to as a groundbreaking invention' and mechanical masterpiece', has three bicycle wheels as well as a mounted Street View camera with image collecting equipment.

Ridden by a cyclist wearing a Google helmet and clothing, the trike will collect street-level images just like Street View cars. It means that images can be taken from hard to reach places, such as coastal paths, historic buildings and even football stadiums.

In association with Visit Britain, Google is also looking to get feedback from the public by asking for suggestions about what tourist points the trike should record for Street View.

A Google spokeswoman said in a statement: "The trike is designed to go down footpaths and tracks to get images of areas of natural beauty or tourist sites."

She added: "The trike will be here in UK for just a short while in the summer so in order to pick the very best spots we're asking the public to get involved and tell us where they want us to go."

People can send their ideas through this online form, and Google also highlighted the fact that it would work with the relevant organisations to collect images of privately-owned areas.

Since Google Street View debuted in March it has caused significant controversy, but last month the ICO ruled that it didn't breach privacy, urging for a common sense' approach'.