Samsung i8910 HD arrives on Orange network

Samsung Omnia HD

Samsung yesterday took the wraps off the Samsung i8910 HD (formerly the Omnia HD), launching the handset exclusively on the Orange network.

The device was first showcased at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February this year, but is now available to Orange customers from free on 24-month contracts with 40 tariffs.

While the Omnia HD's new official moniker is the i8910 HD, it still has the greatness associated with its old name in terms of features, but also includes a 3.7 inch responsive AMOLED auto-rotating touch screen and is a world first in terms of bringing HD video recording to a mobile phone.

"The Samsung i8910 HD epitomises innovation," said Derek Williamson, general manager of Samsung Mobile in the UK and Ireland. "I've been with Samsung for 10 months now and we've had a number of high profile launches [during that time]."

Samsung boasts that the i8910 HD brings together "style, multimedia and business performance in one device." It has HSDPA connectivity and comes with 8GB of storage as standard, but can be expanded up to 32GB when needed. The handset also features an eight megapixel camera.

Williamson added: "Only a few months ago, we were excited about the first eight megapixel phone to come to the market... What else can I say? It has 8GB of memory and you can get it up to 32GB although I'm not sure what you'd do with 32GB!"

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