Infortrend moves to enterprise storage with new lineup

Moving away from SMEs and into mid-tier enterprise storage, Infortrend has launched a new range of products for fibre channel and ISCSI.


Infortrend is making its move into the mid tier enterprise storage market with a list of new products unveiled today.

IT PRO had an exclusive pre-briefing about the launch with Jon Ashley, the company's European director of marketing communications.

He said: "We have always played in the entry SME level for RAID arrays and just provided a storage system. The next step in our evolution is mid tier and we have done this with the Enterprise Scalable Virtualised Architecture (ESVA)."

ESVA features three fibre channel and two ISCSI products which Ashley considers the "next logical step" for the company to be taking.

The three fibre channel products are the F20, F40 and F60. The F20 comes with starter disk drives of up to 1TB, although the company are testing the possibilities of 2TB. The F40 and F60 both have SAS drives with the first containing a 2.5 inch drive and the second a 4.5 inch drive.

The ISCSI products are the E20 and E60. Again the E20 features starter drives but the E60 is run on SAS with a native 64 drives.

Ashley said: "We also have a road map where towards the end of the year we will be making NAS products. We want a portfolio to cover all the bases and as a storage company with 15 years experience, we will demonstrate our commitment to our growth strategy."

Included in the products will be a range of embedded software services such as SANwatch, storage virtualisation, thin provisioning and snapshot. Remote mirroring is not included due to its complexity and would need a separate licence.

It also includes three years of 24/7 support, although this can be upgraded to an advanced or premium package.

Pricing information is yet to be released, but global shipping will begin at the start of the third quarter.

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