Digital Britain report is finally released

The final Digital Britain report document setting out an action plan for the future of the UK's digital industries, has finally been released.

Future government measures include taking steps to create universal access to today's broadband by 2012, a fund for investment in the next generation of superfast broadband, and the acceleration of current and next generation mobile networks and technologies.

It also includes steps for a digital radio upgrade by 2015, a three-year national plan to improve digital participation, and a robust' legal and regulatory framework to combat digital piracy.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown said in a statement that Digital Britain was about giving the country the tools to succeed and lead the way in the future economy, ensuring a world-class digital and communications infrastructure in the process.

"Investing in areas such as broadband access for every home and business and the move from analogue to digital technology will bring benefits across the board." he said.

"Driving growth, enabling businesses to thrive, and providing new opportunities and choices for households across the country."

Brown added: "It is an essential part of building Britain's future."