Google invites users to try its Voice

Google Voice logo

Google has started to send out invites to trial its Voice service, which redirects calls from one number to all your phones.

Google picked up the tech when it bought Grand Central. So far, the service has only been open to customers of that firm. Now, anyone who signed up to test the service is being sent an email with an invitation if you haven't signed up, you can do so here.

The free service lets you pick your own phone number, and redirect calls to that number to your work phone, home line or mobile device useful for those with multiple contact numbers or those frequently on the move.

Calls can also be diverted depending on the source, letting you filter work calls to your desk phone, and family calls to all your phones, for example - or block calls from unwanted contacts.

Aside from the call routing service, Google Voice also use a voice recognition system to transcribe voicemail to email or SMS.