Firefox 3.5 to arrive tomorrow

Firefox logo

Mozilla is finally set to release Firefox 3.5 tomorrow, 30 June.

A spokesperson for Mozilla told IT PRO's sister title PC Pro that the open source developer was "98 per cent sure it will launch tomorrow," likely around 5pm UK time.

The release candidate was made available 10 days ago, and the full version had been promised by the end of June. The major update was supposed to be Firefox 3.1, but so many bugs were fixed and features added that it was upgraded.

Among other new features, Firefox 3.5 will include a privacy browsing mode to conceal where surfers visit often cheekily dubbed "porn mode", or as Mozilla's engineering vice president Mike Shaver called it "job-hunting mode."

Firefox 3.5 will also feature tear-off tabs, so users can drag a tab to create a new window a feature currently available in Google's Chrome and location aware browsing. As always, Mozilla is also promising faster loading speeds, claiming 3.5 is twice as fast as Firefox 3.