Reviews Round-up: Firefox burns brightly

Firefox 3.5 logo

e-pens Mobile Notes review Tablet PCs still have yet to take off so a device that can turn words and drawings placed on paper into editable computer texts sounds like a great compromise. We see how it works in practice.Nokia N97 reviewWe've been waiting for the Nokia N97 since the end of last year. But six months is two digital years so now that it's here, does it still stack up? Dell 2145cn MFP printer reviewPrinters might seem dell, sorry, dull, but that's no reason not to play close attention to how effective they are at doing their job. We take a look at an impressive multifunction unit from Dell.Synology Disk Station 409slim reviewStorage is increasingly important, but often takes up too much space and makes too much noise. Synology tries to address both these issues with the 409slim cleverly using 2.5in drives to enable it to shrink down its latest NAS.Mozilla Firefox 3.5 reviewIs this the biggest browser release of the year so far? Firefox has been finding its place as the natural alternative to Internet Explorer under fire as the browser market gets crowded. We take a look at this long awaited update.HP EliteBook 8730w Mobile WorkstationWorkstations don't have to be strapped down in one place. With systems such as the HP EliteBook 8730w you can have your cake and eat it with workstation power in a portable package. Well it seems to impress our reviewer.