Your Views: Google Chrome OS

Chrome logo

Google has long been rumoured to be working on an operating system, and this week shocked us all by actually admitting it.

Yes, Google is finally ready to go toe-to-toe with Microsoft in its own ring, saying its Chrome OS will first hit shelves on netbooks next year.

We asked our newsletter readers and Twitter followers for their reaction to the news is a Google OS a good thing?

Larry declared it "the best news ever."

"Unlike Linux, Google has a stronger platform of being a success and we definitely need the competition," he added. "Google has proved that being friendlier, less restrictive, and integrating far much more than Windows is certainly the future.

But he added: "I think though this will not be the death of Microsoft. I believe it will be the dawn of a new era and the future is for those who adapt and embrace."

Knock-on benefits

Indeed, because he uses heavyweight graphics programs, John said he's far too dependent on Microsoft and Adobe, but he's still happy Google is stepping up. "As such cloud computing' is not really of much interest but a Google OS might put competitive pressure via pricing on my main software suppliers and there is a lot more room for discounting on software than there is on hardware."

George predicted that Chrome will let "young skilled programmer" take part in developing, putting an end to "monolithic mammoth applications."

Nick feels like he's seen this all before. "When I kicked off in IT, it was IBM everywhere. Couldn't move for MVS, Cobol, VSAM, SDLC, VSPC and all the rest of it. Then along came Microsoft 10 years later they'd replaced IBM, you can't move for Windows, Word, and .NET."

"Now Google is making its big play to do the same thing," he wrote. "Like Microsoft, through luck and judgement they have more money than they know what to do with. They've recruited all the youngest and brightest. They have the will. It's only a matter of time."

Will you use it?

Daniel tweeted that if Chrome can run games, it has his attention: "If Google's OS can run games with no limitations, Microsoft will be confined to the same page of the history books as Netscape."

Lonkay had simpler needs. "If it's free, then I'll try it... and perhaps use it." Can't argue with that logic.