Visa to text spenders for security

credit cards

Visa is hoping to take the worry out of shopping by sending instant text messages to consumers whenever they make a purchase with a debit, credit or prepaid card.

The messages will include the time and amount spent - handy after a shopping binge or a night at the pub, so you know your transactions are for real.

Sandra Alzetta, senior vice president of innovation at Visa Europe, said the system means users know in real time how their card is being used.

"If something looks suspicious, this will give them the power to put a stop to any fraud taking place on their cards," she said in a statement.

The messages can be sent to a mobile phone via a text message, or via email and even using an iPhone or Android app.

The system is currently being trialled with Visa's own staff in the UK.

"Feedback from our current pilots indicates that consumers often receive the alerts before their cards are even handed back to them at the point of sale," added Alzetta.

The credit card giant has promised it's working with banks to make the tech available to consumers soon.