O2 to offer call forwarding service

mobile phone

O2 today announced a call forwarding service called Fixed Number Anywhere.

The service, set to launch in August, will allow small businesses and others to redirect incoming landline calls to mobile phones.

"Desk phones were great when business was done from a desk but for the vast majority of small businesses the fixed nature of a landline is at odds with how they operate day to day," said Simon Devonshire, head of SME marketing at O2, in a statement.

Research conducted by O2 found that 70 per cent of small businesses still use a landline on their desks, despite spending record amounts of time outside the office.

Additionally, 36 per cent of small businesses had lost opportunities as a result of missed calls, according to O2.

"By converging a fixed landline number with a mobile service, small businesses can continue to maintain an image of being a local business, which is valued by customers, whilst maintaining the flexibility and mobility that has enabled them to adapt to and thrive in the current climate," said Devonshire.

Fixed Number Anywhere, according to O2, will allow each landline number to be linked up to 10 mobile phones with no additional charge passed onto the caller.

Businesses will be able to keep existing BT telephone numbers, and the service will be available at a fixed price of 10 per month for 01 and 02 landline numbers and 15 for 0808 freephone numbers.