Samsung SyncMaster LD220 monitor review

If you want to add another monitor to your desk but have run out of video ports, this DisplayLink powered Samsung could be the answer.

Fraps frame rate tool, claimed the same 29 frames per second as on the VGA connected screen, but it was clearly lying, as to our eyes, which is what counts, playback was not smooth.

Fast motion aside, image quality was generally better than the VGA connected screen. Oddly, the on screen display did not contrast controls, and the MagicBright settings essentially consists of image presents, which you're unlikely to ever use.

Using our DisplayMate test tool, the all digital connection ensured the image was solid and moir free. However, we were not able to distinguish low-end greys against a black background, and it struggled with peak whites too.

However, the colour ramp test was impressively smooth and the high-gloss finish did help with the intensity of colours.

Ultimately, we like the easy connectivity and design of the LD220, and were happy with the image quality and even more so with the resolution, but the lagging under motion was disappointing.

Our take is that as a technology, DisplayLink really needs USB 3.0 to arrive in order to take advantage of the increased bandwidth and solve the motion issues, while the processor technology can only continue to improve.

As it stands though, if you're in the position where you can't expand your laptop display areas any further then the SyncMaster LD220 will do the job, though only if you'll be using it for fairly static applications such as Outlook or Excel.


DisplayLink technology is pushed to new heights with the Samsung SyncMaster LD220. While general image quality is good, performance with motion is lacking, and the glossy finish on bezel and screen won’t suit professionals. The LD220 solves a specific issue with expanding the desktop area of a laptop with a third screen, but if this isn’t an issue we’d recommend going for a regular monitor.

Specifications: Resolution: 1,920 x 1,080 Weight: 4.5Kg Inputs: USB (DisplayLink) VGA Display technology: TN Colour depth: 24-bit Viewing angle: 170 degrees Response time: 5ms Dot pitch: 0.248 mm Power consumption: 40W Rated contrast ratio: 30,000 dynamic Rated brightness: 300cdm/2 Dimensions: 51.7cm x 7.2cm x 33.4cm Warranty: 2 years

Benny Har-Even

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