Texas Memory Systems unveils speedy SSD storage

SSD technology

Texas Memory Systems has launched a new solid state disk (SSD) storage device capable of supplying five million I/O operations per second (IOPS).

The RamSan-6200 SSD system also provides up to 100TB of flash-based storage in a single 4U rack, and the company claimed that the system will only use six kilowatts of power.

Woody Hutsell, president of Texas Memory Systems, said: "It's the only currently available SSD system offering anything remotely approaching this storage capacity and performance."

The system uses 20 RamSan-620 SSDs which it claims achieves the same performance as thousands of 15,000 RPM hard disk drives.

Throughput is measured at 60GB per second and the system offers multiple levels of RAID.

George Crump, analyst at Storage Switzerland, said systems like this will help bring SSD into the mainstream, which has often been held back by cost.

"The extreme solutions of today are trending towards becoming commonplace in the near future," he said. "The fact that Texas Memory Systems is delivering a Flash solution that costs less than one fifteenth of what a hard disk-based solution can deliver on a cost per IOPS basis signals the shift towards Flash as a primary component of mainstream storage."

The system is available now from Texas Memory Systems directly or one of its partners.

Jennifer Scott

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