Reviews Round-up: A new Hero’s in town

Windows 7

Workstation Specialists WS102LE review

With a name like Workstation Specialists, you'd hope that this workstation was pretty good, and fortunately this proves to be the case. The selling point is that this is a compact machine, giving workstation performance without the size, in major part to the presence of Quadro graphics integrated onto the motherboard a first.

HTC Snap review

HTC clearly has a plan to produce a phone in every possible form factor, and as it hadn't done a BlackBerry-style one, it was only a matter of time. The main difference here is that it's running Windows Mobile, which we're not huge fans of here at IT PRO towers. Still, this one is better than most.

Windows 7 RTM review

After a late flurry of messing with E' versions and browser ballot nonsense, the Release to Manufacturer code of Windows 7 is here, and unlike Windows Mobile we do like it. A lot.

If you have access to MSDN or Technet you can download it right now. We suggest you do.

HTC Hero review

The Hero is the latest, and at the moment, the greatest, Android phone out there. It packs a lot into its small, slightly angled, dimensions, including Adobe Flash support of sorts. It's a good phone, but is now the right time to buy an Android phone?

Acer Travelmate Timeline TM8371

Acer has never produced the fastest, the most well-built, or the most stylish laptops available, but it has consistently produced great value machines. This new TravelMate, part of the Timeline series, keeps that up. In fact, it's the first recipient of our recently introduced Value award. What an honour.

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