Top 10 iPhone business apps

If you've got a business, the chances are you've got a website, and if so you'll want to be able to keep an eye on the traffic wherever you are. This is where this Analytics app comes into play, giving you quick and easy access to your website stats from Google Analytics.

There are other apps that offer similar and this certainly isn't the cheapest one, but this is the best of the bunch. You can get a quick overview of traffic or you can drill down to the finer details such as which browsers visitors are using and on which OS. You can also switch between multiple accounts quickly.

Bento Price: 2.99

Bento on the iPhone is a portable version of the Bento 2 personal database application for the Mac from FileMaker.

It has a number of built in library templates, helping you to keep track of things such as expenses or inventories, and ties directly in with the iPhone functions such as the Address book, photo roll.

You can also create your own templates on the iPhone, and if you've got Bento 2 on your Mac, it will sync between them too, so you can keep things nicely organised.

Print n Share Price: 3.99

How do you solve a problem like printing to the iPhone? Andrew Lloyd Webber would probably use Print n Share', which despite its dodgy name, lets you print off email, web pages, contacts and photos directly from your iPhone.

Cleverly, once you've installed a web app on your laptop, you can even print remotely over 3G, so you can grab those documents off the printer as soon as you get in the office. It also lets you mount your iPhone as a drive and lets you drag and drop files onto it, making it worth the price of the entry fee alone. You can even email files directly within the app, without having to go to the mail client.

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