HP delivers Ion powered Mini 311 netbook

HP logo

For users requiring a netbook with the capabilities of a full-sized notebook, HP has launched a new contender: the Mini 311.

At 11.6 inches, the display on the Mini 311 is the largest yet for an HP netbook. The Mini 311 is also the first on the market to be equipped with Nvidia's Ion graphics.

The Ion platform is a graphics processing unit (GPU) that works with the low-power Intel Atom processor to generate graphics capabilities that Nvidia claims are similar to those of a standard notebook.

Analysts have expressed the importance of creating netbooks that are capable of performing at a level comparable to full-sized laptops.

"Our research shows that most people who buy a netbook expect it to behave like a full-sized notebook, but that has not been the case," said Tim Bajarin, principal analyst at Creative Strategies, in a statement provided by Nvidia,

"With Ion-based netbooks like this one from HP, consumers can expect a well-rounded experience and the ability to handle nearly all of their everyday computing needs."

The 11.6in diagonal LED display is available in high-definition 1,366 x 768-pixel resolution. Along with the standard three USB ports, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the 1.46kg netbook also has HDMI and VGA video connectors.

The Mini 311 will have a starting price of $399 (349) and will arrive in the US on 23 September. For those not willing to settle for Windows XP, the HP Mini with Windows 7 will be available starting 22 October.

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