Apple tablet for January 2010?

Apple rumours

More rumours are surfacing across the internet that Apple will be launching a tablet in the near future.

The device is likely to be launched in January next year, according to iLounge, who cited a reliable source apparently correct on other predictions such as the iPhone 3GS and Chinese iPhone 3G in the past.

The source suggests that there are at least three prototypes of the tablet and that Apple is just waiting the OK from chief executive Steve Jobs before the release.

The latest version is believed to have a 10.7in screen with five to six times the resolution of the iPhone. However, it is designed as a media player running the iPhone operating system rather than a competitor for netbooks.

It had been thought that a tablet device would be announced at Apple's September event in San Francisco when Jobs made his first public appearance since October 2008 but it all came to nothing.

We contacted Apple for comment on the launch rumours, but it had not responded to our request at the time of publication.