SEO tips and tricks for Bing

Any webmaster or search engine optimiser who has already worked with Live Search will find there is been little change to Microsoft's Webmaster Centre. All logins and authentications remain the same as does the crawler being used.

So, if you've already submitted your site map, you need not do it again. If you haven't, you can submit it via the Webmaster Centre.

Other than that, the best tips to do well in Bing is to use best practice in your optimisation. Bing surfaces more results automatically, letting sites compete on more terms, but that will increase the competition on SERPs you've traditionally ranked highly.

The Bing team advised the best way to win traffic is keeping with best practice, so use unique titles and meta descriptions for each page, and use consistent data structures across your pages.

But, as the Bing team notes, "all of the skills and knowledge that webmasters have invested in previously applies fully today with Bing."


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