Reviews round-up: Samsung lights up Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy (i7500) Every Android phone has tried to pip all those that have come before it, and this is very much true of Samsung's first Android based smartphone. The star of this Galaxy has to be a delightful AMOLED screen but after some time with the handset, Maggie didn't get too starry eyed feeling it didn't quite match up to HTC's more heroic efforts.

Head to head: iPhone 3GS vs HTC HeroSpeaking of the Hero, this was the phone that Maggie put head-to-head with the current smartphone kingpin, the iPhone. They try to compete in many areas, but as some of our readers have pointed out in the comments, which one would have the better chance of surviving a fall from a bike while cycling. I think we know the answer to that one and it doesn't begin with i'.

Lenovo IdeaPad U350We know Lenovo can do fully-laden , expensive laptops well, but can it go budget? There is still a recession on you know. The answer is sort of? The IdeaPad is good, but we're not blown away but the U350 by any means.

[a href="" target="_blank"]HP Z800 Workstation[/a]We are blown away though by the awesome power of the HP Z800 workstation. If our numbers come up, this is what we'd buy even if it would be just to check Facebook, though that would be a criminal waste of the power of the two Nehalem EX, Xeon 5560 chips inside, along with 24GB of RAM. But it's not the spec we love the most it's the sleek looks and tool-less design.

Lexmark X736dePrinters need to be aware you know, at least that's what our reviewer Simon says. He's referring to network awareness, and that's what you get from the workgroup orientated Lexmark X736de. It even features a great colour screen that can even display RSS feeds though we've not sure why you'd want that. We've more impressed by the duplex printing and remote monitoring features.

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