Samsung SP-P410M review

Mini projectors are increasingly popular but their small dimensions have so far not been married to big performance. Can Samsung’s SP-P410M reverse the trend?

Samsung SP-P410M

The SP-P410M is also a good looking piece of kit, all curvy and black with a silver lens cover that springs open and closed with a reassuring action. At 950g, it's heavier than the BenQ Joybee GP1, but we'll take that trade-off for the added brightness - it's safe to say neither will fit in a pocket, particularly with their external power bricks.

On the rear sit D-SUB and composite connections, the latter of which is the only way you'll get audio to the device from a laptop; only a D-SUB cable is provided. There's also a USB port, though, through which you can play video and display images without a PC connected. It works well enough, but don't lose the remote control, since the on-device controls are a pain to use: they're barely readable touch buttons that need more of a push than you'd think.

Samsung SP-P410M rear

Overall, the Samsung SP-P410M starts to make a case for the mini projector. It's bright enough to be usable, the speakers are impressive and the whole package has a style that others lack. In short, it's the best mini-projector we've yet seen - the problem is that it's also the dearest.

At 400, you're definitely paying a premium for the size, but if you intend to get regular use from it it could justify the outlay.


Most mini projectors lack punch and verve and just don’t have the brightness to do the job. However, the Samsung SP-P410M does enough in the performance and style stakes to justify its price.

Resolution: 800 x 600; Brightness: 170-lumen brightness LED lamp; Contrast ratio: 1,000:1 Connections: D-SUB, composite, USB Accessories; remote control Warranty: Three year RTB warranty Dimensions: 148 x 146 x 66mm (WDH) Weight: 950g