Reviews roundup: Sony’s X-rated laptop waif


IBM System x3650 M2

There are two key highlights of this x3650 rack server from IBM low power consumption, and remote management tools that have been greatly improved from previous versions, making our reviewer Dave a very happy server camper.

Head to head: Windows 7 vs Snow Leopard

Windows 7 is coming at the end of the month and to celebrate we've pitched it against Snow Leopard, Apple's recently released update to Mac OS X. Is this going to get ugly? Yes.

Windows Phone 6.5 review: first look

It was a big week for Microsoft as it launched Windows Phone 6.5, the update/rebrand of the Windows Mobile operating system. Maggie takes a look and is cautiously optimistic about its chances of improving Microsoft's rep for smartphones.

Palm Pre

The release date of the Palm Pre has finally been announced and reviews of the UK version have appeared. We're suitably impressed with its graceful interface and multi-tasking, but there are still things holding it back from bowling us over completely.

Microsoft Office Web Apps review: first look

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer has publicly dismissed Google Docs before, but come next year his company will have its own take on it available, which naturally will tie in with Office 2010. We take a look at an early technical preview.

Sony Vaio X-Series review: first look

Sony has a reputation for producing uber expensive, uber high-end kit and the new Vaio X-Series will do nothing to change that. This ultra-light and ultra-thin machine features an Intel Atom, but at nearly 2,000 for the high-end version it seems pointless to call it a netbook. And Sony won't like it either, so don't. We take a first look.

Samsung SP-P410M

Like everything in tech, projectors have got smaller but often at the expense of quality. This Samsung is a perfect example of a pint sized piece of kit that delivers in the quality stakes too.

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