VMware launches its latest desktop virtualisation product

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VMware today launched its latest virtualisation product, VMware View 4, designed to enable desktop virtualisation in a cost effective and secure way.

The product sits on top of its vSphere platform and enables thousands of desktops to run from a single console in the data centre as well as allowing users to access their desktop from a number of devices, from laptops to iPhones.

"We have got a perfect storm for desktop virtualisation right now," said Dave Wright, senior director of technical services in for VMware, in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

"We have got the right technology behind it and now also we have the drive from consumers."

He added: "The problem is that everyone is tied to one device. We need to break that link and change the device from being central to the user being central."

The company claims that by running virtualised desktops off of a virtual machine on top of its platform, costs will be lowered.

The software-based solution is compatible with a variety of hardware and operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac and the simplification of running everything from one console reduces operating costs by figures of up to 50 per cent, the company claims.

Security is also said to be increased as updates and patches can all be carried out from one place at one time.

Joel King, who architected the roll out of the system for Standard Bank, said at the event: "We have managed to drive down total cost of ownership (TCO) of desktop environments by 150,000 a year [and] cut energy consumption by 50 per cent."

He added: "When we first started to out it wasn't so easy as people don't like change but as the migration grew people saw the difference and liked it, even started requesting it."

View 4 will become generally available on 19 November with two editions, Enterprise and Premier. Pricing starts at $150 (89) per connection.

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