Tesco to start selling the iPhone

Apple iPhone

So much for exclusivity - now even Tesco Mobile is set to start selling the iconic Apple iPhone.

The phone will be made available via Tesco's partnership with O2, the operator which originally had the iPhone exclusivity deal before sales were opened up to Orange last month.

In a statement on its website, the retail giant said: "Tesco Mobile through its joint venture partnership with O2 is pleased to announce that it will shortly introduce iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS in Tesco Phone Shops and online through Tesco Direct in the UK."

Tesco didn't say exactly when it would be made available, but it's aiming for the Christmas shopping season, a Tesco Mobile spokeswoman told IT PRO.

"Pricing and availability information isn't released yet but will be soon - we'd love to get the iPhone into stores and online for Christmas but will only do so if we are happy the quality of service is right for customers," she said.

When Orange started selling the iPhone, its prices were in line with O2's.