National Skills Academy for IT to start up next year


The National Skills Academy for IT is set to start up next autumn, according to e-skills UK.

It was announced last year, with the plan formally approved by skills minister Kevin Brennan today with 7.9 million in funding. Development will start next month, with the academy opening up in Autumn 2010.

"High level IT skills are essential to the future of Digital Britain and will help us boost our global competitiveness and productivity," he said in a statement.

"This Academy will play a vital role in helping people gain those technical and professional IT skills necessary for a better future, both for themselves and the country," he added.

The academy looks to offer courses and qualifications to IT professionals, to help improve the skills of workers in the industry. It was established by employers, and is backed by industry body e-skills UK.

It will essentially be a website that doesn't offer training, but gathers it together so IT professionals can more easily access it.