Microsoft already planning Office 15

Microsoft Office

Office 2010 - formerly known as 14 - hasn't even been officially released yet, and Microsoft is already looking at what to do in Office 15.

In an charmingly cheerful blog post, Greg Lindhorst explained that SQL Server support will be improved in the next iteration of the Office suite.

"As Office 2010 nears shipping, we are starting to plan Office 15," he wrote. "One area that we are considering improving is our SQL Server support. Based on what I've heard from the community, that would be most welcome."

He warned that it was still early days. "Note that we are very early in planning, and considering many possible areas of investment, I unfortunately can't commit to any actual improvements at this time," he said.

Microsoft asked for feedback on what might need to be fixed, including when admins use SQL Server instead of a local Access database, what features from the database system need improvement, and any ideas for making SQL Server development faster or more efficient.

Office 2010 is set to arrive in June next year. Click here for our review of the Office 2010 beta.