Palm Pixi review

Will the Palm Pre's younger sibling, the Pixi, overshadow its elder? We review the Palm Pixi to find out.

Palm Pixi


Well-pricedVery responsiveGood keyboard configuration makes typing on the tiny keys much easier


Small screenSmall typeface in the web browser

Adapted from a review that originally appeared on sister site Know Your Cell.


The Palm Pixi may very well be the most feature-rich, enjoyable smartphone in the budget smartphone price range. It might not pack enough oomph to excite hardcore smartphone enthusiasts, but it will almost certainly satisfy beginners and moderately savvy users. All in all, the Palm Pixi's compact size and capable OS combine to create a terrific user experience that is definitely worthy of attention.

Connectivity: Dual band Display: 2.8in OS: webOS Storage: 8GB microSD Camera: 2 megapixels GPS: Yes Bluetooth: Yes Wi-Fi: No Dimensions: 55mmx10.9mmx111mm (WDH) Weight: 99.5g Battery: Li-Ion 1500 mAh, 5 hours of talk time, 350 hours of standby