Nokia Booklet 3G will cost £650

Nokia Booklet 3G

Nokia has made it clear that its Booklet 3G really isn't a netbook by giving it a 650 price tag.

The netbook-like device was announced in August, marking Nokia's entrance to the laptop market. At the time, Nokia stressed that the Booklet 3G wasn't a netbook, and in some ways it fits more into the emerging CULV space - although those even come in cheaper than 650.

The aluminium mini laptop promises 12-hours of battery life, built-in GPS, a 10.1in display, 120GB hard drive and runs Windows 7 Starter edition with 1GB of RAM.

The Booklet 3G won't be available before Christmas, however. Nokia said on its website it will ship in January, but it is selling gift cards for the device, so you can sort of slide one under the tree.

As to the high price, Nokia will likely be hoping to sell the device with a mobile internet contract, so you won't necessarily have to pay for it all upfront.

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