AOL to 'significantly reduce' number of UK staff

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AOL has said its plans to slash a third of its workforce will lead to a significant reduction in UK jobs.

Ahead of its spin off from Time-Warner in December, AOL announced in November it would be cutting 2,300 jobs around the world. Since then, 1,100 employees have taken voluntary redundancy.

In a statement, AOL said it would be announcing redundancies in the US tomorrow, and had begun meeting with European employees.

AOL said it planned to shut down "many" offices across Europe, starting with locations in Spain and Sweden, followed by Germany and France. It will also close an office in Seattle, Washington.

Details were scarce regarding the exact number of jobs to be cut in the UK, but AOL said: "We will be significantly reducing our UK staff, but will continue to have a robust advertising operation as well as a consumer offering."

The statement added: "Ireland will remain a core technology development centre for the company."