Gary McKinnon wins another reprieve with judicial review

Gary McKinnon

The saga of Gary McKinnon is set to continue, as his lawyer has won the right to a High Court review of his pending extradition to the US to stand trial for hacking charges.

The judicial review will examine Home Secretary Alan Johnson's claim that he could not intervene in the case and prevent the extradition.

While McKinnon admits hacking into Pentagon and NASA computers, he denies the level of damage claimed and is said to be at risk of suicide because of his Asperger's Syndrome.

The judicial review will consider if Johnson's decision not to halt the extradition was correct. It is set to take place in April or May, with McKinnon allowed to stay in the UK until then.

McKinnon's lawyer Karen Todner said in a statement: "I would urge Mr Johnson to review his decision, and I appeal to [American President Barack] Obama to withdraw the application for extradition. Mr McKinnon's suffering has gone on long enough."

McKinnon's mother Janis Sharp expressed her relief over Twitter. "We're so pleased and the sense of relief is indescribable," she wrote, later adding: "Couldn't stop crying when heard the news. Gary says he's still in shock."

Sharp and McKinnon's other supporters are currently running a texting and download campaign to put pressure on the Government.