Google Nexus One review

We review Google's superphone the Nexus One to see what UK users can expect when it hits the Vodafone network over here.

Google Nexus One

There are two other main annoyances we found with the Google Nexus One. The first is that the application screen is difficult to navigate at times (it freezes unless you move it from the top). The second, and perhaps more odd issue, is the fact that the Nexus One has trouble displaying the colour red - we don't think the phone does a perfect job of reproducing that colour, at least compared to other smartphones. Quite bizarre, especially for what is an otherwise brilliant display panel.

As for price, the Nexus One is available through Google as an unlocked device for $529.99,and will soon be available on Vodafone on a tariff similar to that of the iPhone.

Overall, the Nexus One is the best Android-OS smartphone to date, at least until the next high-end Android handset finds its way to market. At the very least, the Nexus One is going to put a lot of pressure on Apple to come up with something spectacular with its next iPhone refresh.

This review originally appeared on sister site Know Your Cell.


Google's Nexus One is the latest in a long line of smartphones that lay claim to the "best Android phone currently available" title. While there's no question that the Nexus One is an amazing phone, we have a pretty good feeling that it won't be holding on to this title for very long.

Android is finally starting to see the attention that Google envisioned - from both manufacturers and consumers - and 2010 is going to be a big year for the young OS.

Those looking to purchase "the best Android phone available" in the next few weeks should look no further than the Nexus One. Those who can wait a month or two will likely see the Nexus One trumped in Barcelona next month.