Firefox 3.6 ready for download today

Firefox 3.6

Firefox 3.6 will be made available later this afternoon, Mozilla has said.

In a short statement on its blog, Mozilla said the latest version of its browser would be available for download at 9:30am PST - so at about 5:30pm here.

New features in Firefox 3.6 include better JavaScript performance, support for HTML5 and changes in third-party software integration.

Although delayed from its expected December release, the timing is rather fortuitous, as Firefox's main rival, Microsoft's Internet Explorer, has had a rather bad week. A flaw in IE6 is being blamed for the hack that lead Google to threaten to quit China, with European governments warning users about the browser.

The bad news for IE has lead to a boost in Firefox downloads, and the patch for the flaw is set to go live this evening - right as Mozilla's latest upgrade becomes available.

The update comes after the release of Firefox 3.5 in July, with Firefox 4 expected this summer.