CeBIT 2010: Beware the cloud pretenders, says Salesforce

Cloud raining computers

Cloud computing is taking off, if the stalls at CeBIT are anything to go by, with every other stand draped in banners proclaiming the genius of the new way of computing.

But not all of those vendors should be claiming cloud credentials, according to's European president Dr Steve Garnett, speaking today at the Hanover show.

He warned that as the tech takes off, "suddenly everyone becomes a cloud computing inventor."

"A lot of the companies that are saying they're cloud computing are outsourcing," he claimed. "When you look at cloud computing and software as a service you need to look closer."

"Look carefully at what some of these vendors are saying," he warned.

He said some of the more established tech vendors might say they're cloud-focused, but really aren't, as to do it properly, they would have to totally re-architecture their software - something they're certainly smart enough to do, but difficult to accomplish when under financial pressure.