Today in tech: iPad pre-orders start, Tories want speedy broadband

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Apple iPad pre-order day

The Apple iPad officially goes on pre-order today - but only for the US, so if you're insanely desperate, drop a line to your American friends. Of course, it might not be a bad idea to wait until you can actually hold one in your hands before you buy, which isn't set to happen in the UK until at least the end of April. Apple

Conservatives want fast broadband

The Tories have released a tech manifesto ahead of the looming election, promising 100Mbps broadband without any new taxes. The party believes the industry will pay for it, and if that doesn't work, the Tories will borrow a bit from the BBC license tax. IT PRO

Google looks to Digg and Fark with new Reader tools

Google's new Reader Play tool will bring goofy photos and more into feeds. Users will be able to vote for their favourites, along the lines of sites like Digg. PC Pro

Apple set for Mac refresh

Rumours abound that Apple is set to refresh its Mac Pro lineup next week, to include the Intel Core i7 processor. T3

Bing advertising heads to Springfield

Microsoft's Bing search engine is continuing its advertising campaign, by sponsoring the Simpsons TV show on Channel 4. Will Homer and family be enough to encourage users to ditch Google? IAB