Today in tech: Piracy costs jobs, Samsung Jet Ultra lands at O2

today in tech

Piracy to hit jobs

A report is claiming that illegal downloads of music and software will cost European countries 1.2 million jobs and 240 billion by 2015. IT PRO

Campaign launched to kill Digital Economy Bill

Online campaign site 38 Degrees is hoping to prevent the "draconian" Digital Economy Bill from being rushed through parliament by asking people to email their MPs via the site. PC Pro

O2 gets exclusive deal for Samsung Jet Ultra Edition

O2 will be exclusively selling the Samsung Jet Ultra Edition. The 800Mhz smartphone will be available for free on a 25 monthly contract. Know Your Mobile

Google looks to TV

Sources claim that Google is working with Intel and Sony to move into the TV market with software that would allow users to search from set-top boxes or DVD players for mainstream shows as well as web clips. Wall Street Journal

Government wants to know why Facebook won't include panic button

Facebook representatives are meeting with the government, with the Home Secretary expected to pressure the social networking site to include on its pages the so-called "panic button" offered by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre. BBC