Apple vs Google: Tale of the tape

Both Apple's and Google's success in the consumer market have been well documented as both companies have become household names. Yet how have they fared when it comes to the business world?

Google is making its move into the business world with its online cloud offerings, be it Google Docs or the ever popular consumer product Gmail. It also offers a vast amount of cloud storage which you can pick up for a pretty cheap price.

The problem is, however, that a lot of companies still don't have full blown trust in the cloud and for industries such as financial or public sector, which hold a lot of personal data, the public cloud may never be an option.

Apple is moving its way into the business world too. Although the PC has always been the dominant desktop choice in the work place, more and more companies are adopting the sleek machines. The iPhone is also making its impact too as more business people turn away from the classic BlackBerry handsets to try out the new, increasingly popular smartphone.

Yet whilst it is definitely making progress with its market share, the business world in general is still a PC dominated place and when you get deeper into the data centre Apple is nowhere to be seen.

There is no clear winner in this category. While both are improving their reputations to be used in business, they still stand tall as predominantly consumer brands.


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