Orange and T-Mobile name joint venture 'Everything Everywhere'

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Orange and T-Mobile have named their new joint venture "Everything Everywhere" - but the two formerly separate companies will still keep their own brand names for customers.

The Everything Everywhere network will run both T-Mobile and Orange, which will finish joining up this July following the merger. Orange and T-Mobile will compete for customers, but then share a network to deliver the services.

The shared network will cover 30 million subscribers and be the UK's largest mobile operator with 37 per cent of the market.

Tom Alexander, former Orange boss and now chief executive of Everything Everywhere, told reporters that Orange and T-Mobile were different brands, with the former more of a "premium" name and the latter offering "straightforward, value-orientated appeal."

Alexander also explained the origins of the name.

"Together, we are Britain's biggest communications company, with over 30 million customers," he said, explaining that mobile is no longer just about voice and text. "Multimedia phones have already started to change the way our customers access the world for entertainment, education, information wherever they are, whenever they want."

"That is why, through our scale and Britain's only super-network with its unsurpassed coverage and capacity, we will be leading this revolution, giving customers instant access to everything, everywhere," he continued in a statement.

"We are Everything Everywhere it's our name, our vision, and our ambition and we run two of the UK's biggest brands Orange and T-Mobile. It's our vision to give our customers instant access to everything everywhere, opening up a world of endless possibilities."