Verizon says working with Google on tablet

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One of Google's partners has confirmed that Apple will soon have some tablet competition on its hands.

Verizon is working with Google to develop a tablet computer, the US mobile operator's chief executive Lowell McAdam told The Wall Street Journal.

"We're looking at all the things Google has in its archives that we could put on a tablet to make it a great experience," he said.

While he wouldn't discuss any technical details of the device or the development timeline, he did say the two firms were "working together" to make it happen.

While rival AT&T sells data plans for the Apple iPad, Verizon has had success selling smartphones running Google's free mobile operating system Android. It wasn't clear whether the planned tablet would run Android or Google's yet-to-be released Chrome operating system, but specs to do the latter were revealed earlier this year.

Google didn't have much to say about the story, other than to note that anyone can use the free Android system on any product they'd like.