HP claims industry first with BSM 9.0 launch


HP has launched a new business service management (BSM) software suite designed to help firms more easily manage their applications.

HP Business Service Management 9.0 looks to help companies automatically manage applications wherever they reside and whether they exist in physical or virtualised form or live on premise or in the cloud. It then updates the entire run-time environment of the application service.

What sets BSM 9.0 apart from competing products is its run-time ops database that automatically provides IT service maps, HP told IT PRO, claiming the feature is an industry first

Traditional solutions use manually created configuration management database service maps, but the HP offering provides a constantly updated service model so that IT departments have an accurate picture of the state of their operations. In turn, this cuts the time it takes to fix any problems, HP said.

Rob Dalzell claimed that the run-time technology in HP BSM 9.0 will help push the provider even further ahead in the market. With its new product, Dalzell said that HP is "wiping the floor with the opposition".

"We've got a team of guys and we are just full on at the moment," Dalzell said, explaining how the new BSM offering has already garnered a good deal of interest.

"It is the first time in years that [clients] are pulling us into [an] opportunity rather than us having to push. There's been attention in the market, people are ready for this kind of stuff," he added.

"The key for us strategically now is pushing home this advantage."

Tom Brewster

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