Toshiba AC100 review: FIrst look

The play/pause, forward and rewind buttons work well with the media player and the HDMI port lets you play 1080p video. There's even a function key to switch to an external screen. There's a webcam for video chat and the Tegra processor is fast enough to cope with that. The USB port and SD slot let you copy files easily. There's also a mini USB port that lets you plug into a PC to copy files across, but you can't charge the AC100 that way.

The 10in screen leaves enough space for a reasonable keyboard with enough action to type fast, although the feel is light and a little flimsy.

With Android you can't minimise an app or put two windows side by side to compare or copy information. Toshiba does as much as it can to enhance the interface and the extra row of keys where the function keys would be on a Windows PC adds a lot here. The escape button takes you back a step and there's a button to open the task manager so it's easy enough to flip between apps.

Mary Branscombe

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